AUGP USA- “The American University”

The American University For Global Peace USA

AUGP USA is an IGO with over three decades of international engagement consisting of dedicated professionals and academics including eminent Scientists, Doctors, Scholars, Social Activists, Retired Judges; Retired IAS, IPS, Lawyers, Cardinals, Apostles,  Teachers, Retired Professors & Academicians, Chartered Accountants & IT Professionals involved in the purpose of establishing Global Peace & Universal Brotherhood working according to divine principles. We are affiliated to The American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations- AMDM-IR USA and ADM-WP USA. AUGP Academy’s higher degrees are granted by the American University which has been in operation for over 3 decades under AUGP Charter .

The Federal Government Of USA  Incorporated Legally, with USA Federal Government Registration No. 7670276  8100 , SR # 20197712450 ; Secretary Of The First State  Accreditation / Authentication   No.203858464.                                                                      

Affiliated  To The UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY FOR GLOBAL PEACE   USA with Federal Government Of USA Registration Number  6816639  8100 SR# 20184990447 , Secretary Of State Authentication No. 202828725     

We are legally incorporated in USA.

We Value the Global culture of peace, solidarity, inclusiveness, shared responsibility, harmony, cooperation, goodwill and reverence for the sacredness of all life through active peaceful engagement. We focus on universal values, which transcend the boundaries of religion, ethnicity, gender and geography. We are passionate to help bring about a culture of peace and a global civil community in which all the people of the world can address together with our common global concerns in a holistic, positive and transforming way and live together in peace with one another for our own Prosperity and ultimately the Prosperity of the Global Nation.

Our  University in USA has a  primary focus of helping scholars carry out research into Theology, Peace and Conflict studies, and to build competencies of peace activists worldwide.